In the main, with our support, members are able to live independent lives until infirmity becomes a major issue which may then mean residential care.

Our support enables Carers to have a break so our service not only helps the members but also those looking after them.

This situation has been confirmed by letters received - please see below:-

My mum-in-law hasn't been going to the centre for very long, but already she wishes she could go every day, and it really is the highlight of her life. Why is that? Well, if everyone had the opportunity to observe at first hand the wonderful work you and your staff do, they'd understand immediately, just like we did.

Mum would say it's because you make her feel as if she "belongs", which for an elderly lady suffering from early stage dementia and partially sighted, who has had to move to a new area so that her family can care for her, it means the world. To us, it's knowing that she's safe, is card for all day, fed, entertained and helped is the greater part of, but there's more than that, it's the genuine compassion, understanding and total trustworthiness that you and your staff bring. I think you are all heroes and if there's anything i can do to help the centre keep going I will.

We're all going to get old one day, and when I do, then I hope the Merle Boddy Centre is still around. It gives me a warm glow just thinking about it.

I can think of no worthier cause for people to support than one which selflessly takes care of our vulnerable elders. The Merle Boddy Centre is a real pearl in the town of Swaffham, and we should treasure and nurture it.

Iā€™m so grateful to the Merle Boddy Centre for the way they care for my husband on his day visits.  Not only do I have the security of knowing he is in good hands, they make such an effort to make his time there interesting and rewarding.  There always seems to be something creative and jolly going on, and an attempt to stimulate his fading memory ā€“ they also treat everyone with such warmth and patience ā€“ Georgie, Chris and all of them whose names I regularly forget are a foundation of kindness!  -Leslie H.

 Dear Georgie,
Many thanks to you and your staff for their vigilance in spotting a problem with my wife's health whilst she was attending the Centre and for speedily making me aware, allowing me to get her the treatment needed. Please keep up the good work.
Many thanks, Jim F

Members Comments:

" I have been coming to the Merle Boddy Centre since October and I am so much better, and I look forward to every Tuesday, I have met new friends."

" You meet lots of people with similar problems. Also you feel much better talking and mixing with other people. I have an obsessional depressive illness, which never really is cured, but is helped by mixing with other people at the Club. Its hard to put in words how helpful it is."

" The Merle Boddy Day Centre provides a welcome break from the every day boredom of living alone. Georgie and all the other staff work very hard to amuse and entertain us, and the meals are excellent."

" I have been going for a period now, and I must say I look forward to it. It is making a great deal of difference to me, being able to socialise with different people, and given different things to do. It also helps my depression condition. It is a good therapy."

" I enjoy coming to the Day Centre as it gets me out the house and I meet new people."

"I live alone, I find this centre is good for me, as I make new friends, and it also gets me out of the house."

"Since I came to the Day Centre my life has improved immensely; as I look really forward to THE DAY AT THE CENTRE, where things are happening all the day. The  day is full of fun, things are really beneficial to lonely persons, who live alone, and are very depressed. The day is a very beneficial to me!!! "

" I am pleased with the Day Centre as I live alone and it provides a great improvement to my life, Georgie is a grand leader."

" I would like to thank all the workers, as at present I can't see to read or write, but it is nice to have the company of all the other people and to enjoy being with them. The attendance is very beneficial."